the good of the sun


Millions of people love the golden honey-like skin tone achieved by relaxing under the sun. However, there are many health benefits associated with this.

Helps with production of vitamin D: Vitamin D can reduce the risk of certain forms of skin cancer. Getting adequate sun can help ensure enough production of vitamin D, which is necessary to keep your skin healthy. Sun bathing can help you get some of the needed beneficial sun rays , even when the sun is not out.

Helps to reduce acne: Sunbathing promotes a clear, healthy and glowing skin texture. If you have a minor case of acne, a short sun bathing can help clear up your face and improve your appearance.

Helps treat psoriasis: People who have psoriasis are perfect candidates for sun bathing . Psoriasis can be so uncomfortable. Those who have psoriasis, which is usually identified by flaking, itching and sometimes bleeding will benefit greatly from it, this health condition can be relieved and controlled with frequent and safe exposure to the sun .

How to safely do it

As much benefits derivate from exposure to the sun, there is precautions necessary to ensure a safe sunbathing experience , this personal sun shade can well help to protect your most sensitive skin, protecting your face and upper body from over exposure to UVA and UVB damaging rays, of course the use of a good quality sun screen is always necessary to ensure a safe enjoyment of the beautiful sun.

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