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We all want to keep our youth , also we all know how much fun it to lay under the sun at the beach and the pool ,  the question is how to do both whit out compromising our skin, particularly our face,  here  a trick to achieve both whit great result,  one Is of course do not Over Expose , the second one is just below this notes.

Over exposing it could be dangerous. The major hazard of sun tanning is over exposure to ultraviolet light on a long period of time or in a constant unprotected basis, which will result in premature aging of your skin. This is because ultraviolet light has the potential to cause what is known as solar radiation damage to the skin, and it could also lead to skin cancer. So the implications of over exposure of sun tanning are not something to be taken lightly.

If you over expose your face to ultraviolet light, it can cause rashes and sunburn. Also, it is suspected that exposure to ultraviolet light is responsible for fungal skin infections and dermatitis. Therefore, whether you are using tanning bed or you are tanning in natural sunlight, you should beware of over exposure to ultraviolet light. Remember that there is no such thing as completely safe ultraviolet radiation, But there is good news , the last Winter Got It Inc, launch their new clip on personal sun shade , they call it CANDYSHADE , this clever sunshade can prevent sun over exposure at any time , protecting your most sensitive skin.

Most people, usually women, start tanning their face as part of a beauty regime, frequently when quite young. The important thing to bear in mind is that necessary precautions must be taken to protect your skin. And the first is to avoid over exposing your face, a good balance of sun and protection derivate on a healthy radiant skin , that will stay on you for ever.

Sun tan is always something fun to do and you can achieve a beautiful bronze skin in the process,  but to do it right you need a game plan in advance, sun screen and sun protection make the difference between a sunbathing nightmare and the healthy and beautiful you you want.

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