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Several benefits have been associated with sunbathing and fun tanning, and this has resulted in the increasing popularity due the health benefits attributed to sunbathing .

Sun spots, especially on the face, have however inhibited many from taking sun baths. Below are some tips on how to avoid sun spots on the face, to ensure you get a healthy skin and other benefits attributed to sunbathing.


Wearing a sun screen serves as a very good way of protecting your skin from sun damage. This form of sun protection does not only protect your face, but the entire body. The UV light from the sun has been identified as one of the major causes of sun spots. It is even more important the sunscreen is applied even and generously.

Natural Skin Lightener

This should be used under sunscreen to suppress the melanin cells and help in the prevention of brown spots. It should be noted that natural lighteners should be used, and the controversial ones that contain hydroquinone should be avoided as much as possible.


Exfoliation is one of the most effective ways of managing skin discoloration. You, however, want to use the right kind of products to avoid a bad result. Mild, alcohol-free products and round beads should be used, and exfoliation should be gentle and regular.

Sun Exposure

Knowing that exposure to the sun is the major cause of sun spots; it only makes sense to limit your exposure to the sun. And while you this might not necessarily mean avoiding the sun in totality, the UV rays should be avoided. This will require going beyond the use of sun shades as UVA & UVB protection should also be used.

Other ways of avoiding sun spots on the face include keeping the skin temperature as cool as possible and embracing a healthy dietary habit. is This personal sunshade, this little guy will keep your upper body and face protected from UVA and UVB rays as well keeping your body temperature to safe levels for a rewarding and fun sunbath experience.

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