Your wedding day is an important event. It should be something you remember fondly as long as you live. That’s why you should try your best to look as good as possible. You want to look amazing in all of your wedding photographs. You want to look excellent for your future spouse, your friends and […]

Wedding Day Self Tan Tips

Now summer’s on its way, we want to be out and about enjoying the warmer weather as much as possible. Which means that we don’t want to sacrifice our precious free time on a laborious self-tanning regime; time that could be better spent with a cocktail in hand, basking in the afternoon sun. Thankfully, with […]

Get Beach Body Ready with St. Tropez

With September marking the official start of Spring, we’re certainly happy to wave goodbye to Winter and its cooler months. There’s so much to love about Spring; sunnier climes, longer days, warmer evenings – and – of course – the promise of summer around the corner. With the start of the new season, one thing’s […]

Tanning Tips for Spring

It’s not about changing your colour, the ‘Fashion Tan’ is all about getting your glow on. The new trend in skin is all about translucent layers, balmy accents, and shiny-almost-wet-look highlights. The trend in tanning focuses on the custom glow: a “tanning wardrobe”, using an array of products to achieve a chic, delicate sheen. The […]

Bec and Bridge MBFWA: Get the look

  We all want to keep our youth , also we all know how much fun it to lay under the sun at the beach and the pool ,  the question is how to do both whit out compromising our skin, particularly our face,  here  a trick to achieve both whit […]

the trick for sunbathing young

Millions of people love the golden honey-like skin tone achieved by relaxing under the sun. However, there are many health benefits associated with this. Helps with production of vitamin D: Vitamin D can reduce the risk of certain forms of skin cancer. Getting adequate sun can help ensure enough production […]

the good of the sun

Several benefits have been associated with sunbathing and fun tanning, and this has resulted in the increasing popularity due the health benefits attributed to sunbathing . Sun spots, especially on the face, have however inhibited many from taking sun baths. Below are some tips on how to avoid sun spots […]

simple tip to avoid brown spots on the face

Skin Cancer Each year, more new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. than new cases of breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancer combined. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. One American dies from skin cancer every hour. Unprotected exposure to UV radiation […]

sun over exposure , no no

Although people make all types of resolutions as the new year approaches, many of these commitments revolve around caring for the body. If you’ve made any New Years Resolutions regarding how to optimise your health and appearance through things like skin care, it’s important to know that you can realise any personal objective that you […]

New Years Resolution: Take Better Care Of Your Skin

If you’re anticipating an exciting upcoming first date with someone you may truly like, then you understandably want to make sure that your tan looks perfect for the big night. This is why it’s so critical to properly prepare your tan in advance. Otherwise, you could end up truly regretting it. Although it may seem […]

How To Tan For a First Date